Food is our connection
We strive to strengthen health, belonging and food sovereignty in Iqaluit utilizing the power of food, tradition and community.

Building community
through food

Qajuqturvik Community Food Centre is a hub of food culture in Iqaluit. Through our charitable work we aim to build community, food skills, and awareness.


Food insecurity in the North

Access to good, healthy food is a basic human right. QCFC works to improve food access, food skills, and advocacy in Iqaluit and Nunavut as a whole, one meal at a time.

Food costs are over double the national average

Over half of households in Nunavut are food insecure

Only 1/6 of daily calorie intake in Nunavut comes from local country food


Our programs

Access to healthy, affordable food has been a challenge for Nunavummiut for many years and it remains a public and political concern. We provide varied programming that address the many root causes of food insecurity.

Daily Community Meal

We serve quality, healthy meals to Iqalummiut five days per week. Many of these meals are made using country foods that are sourced directly from hunters around Nunavut.

Pilimmaksaktut Pre-Employment Training Program

During this 12-week program participants develop the skills and confidence needed to reach their personal and professional goals. Working alongside our kitchen staff participants learn how to work in a commercial kitchen while receiving a wage. This program seeks to address the root causes of food insecurity—the main cause being poverty. We aim to break down barriers to employment and provide participants with a path to meaningful work, financial stability, and independence. If you would like to be a participant, please fill out our application form.

Kids Cooking Club

This program helps to build a child's cooking skills, food knowledge, and confidence in the kitchen. Students learn how to follow a recipe while also learning safe food handling, kitchen safety, and knife skills. The eating habits we develop as children often stay with us for the rest of our lives so developing a strong foundation of food knowledge at an early age is key to having a positive relationship with food later in life. Many children begin the class being unfamiliar or intimidated by certain foods and leave with a list of new favourite foods. Plus, they leave with the skills to share their knowledge with their families! If your child is interested in enrolling in the Kids Cooking Club, please contact our Food Skills Coordinator.

Community Cooking Club

Our cooking club for adults provides community members with an encouraging environment to create community connections, learn new cooking styles and techniques, and build confidence in the kitchen while choosing healthy foods. Everyone is welcome!
Iqaluit does not have many community places where people can connect with the wider community outside of their home and work circles. Having access to a place to socialize, learn, and have fun at no cost is an important part of the community’s social fabric. The Club starts at 17:30 on Wednesdays and no registration is necessary - we just ask that you not come late!

Healthy Food Box

Our Healthy Food Box program is a weekly sale of boxes of produce, baked bread, country food, free-range eggs, and other staples. The box varies each week but it generally consists of staple vegetables and a selection of fresh fruit. We prioritize items that are organic, seasonal, and Canadian-grown whenever possible. You can order them through our online store (or contact us) for pick-up at our facility every Thursday.

How you can help
The support we receive from our community has a direct impact on hundreds of Iqalummiut on a daily basis. You can help us in the following ways: