La nourriture nous unit
Nous nous efforçons de privilégier la santé, les liens d’appartenance et la souveraineté alimentaire à Iqaluit grâce à la force des traditions et de la communauté.

Renforcer la communauté grâce à la nourriture

Le centre communautaire d’alimentation Qajuqturvik est un carrefour de culture alimentaire à Iqaluit. Par nos activités caritatives, nous aspirons à renforcer la communauté, les compétences alimentaires et la sensibilisation.

Notre travail

L’insécurité alimentaire dans le Nord

L’accès à de la nourriture saine de bonne qualité est un droit humain fondamental. Le CCAQ s’emploie à améliorer l’accès à la nourriture, les connaissances alimentaires et les revendications alimentaires à Iqaluit et dans tout le Nunavut, un repas à la fois.

Le coût des aliments est plus du double de la moyenne nationale.

Plus de la moitié des foyers du Nunavut vivent dans l’insécurité alimentaire.

Seulement une calorie sur six consommée au Nunavut provient de nourriture locale traditionnelle.

Apprendre encore plus

Nos programmes

L’accès à des aliments sains à coût abordable représente un défi pour les Nunavummiut depuis de nombreuses années et il demeure un enjeu pour la population et la sphère politique. Nous offrons une programmation variée qui aborde les nombreuses causes de l’insécurité alimentaire.

Daily Meal Service

Join us for lunch! We serve a hot, fresh meal to the public between 12pm and 1pm seven days a week. Everyone is welcome!
Our menus are created by a Registered Dietitian and aim to be nutritious, filling and, of course, delicious. As much as possible we aim to incorporate local country food, which includes Arctic char, ring seal, narwhal, polar bear, and whatever else our hunters provide. For more information, contact us below.

Culinary Skills Training

Through our 3-month full-time program, we assist underemployed Iqalummiut in finding the professional and life skills needed to reach their goals. Participants work alongside our kitchen staff and learn how to work in a commercial kitchen, all while receiving a wage. If you would like to be a participant, please fill out our application form.
If you are an employer looking for skilled labour, please contact us to arrange an internship.
This program is borne of our desire to address the root causes of food insecurity, the main cause being poverty. While our community benefits from an abundance of jobs, 15% of the community lives on social assistance due to numerous barriers to employment. Our aim is to break down those barriers and provide participants with a path to meaningful work, financial stability and independence.

Kids Cooking Club

We help build elementary school students’ cooking skills, food knowledge, and confidence in the kitchen. They learn safe food handling, kitchen safety, knife skills, and how to follow a recipe.
The eating habits we develop as children often stay with us for the rest of our lives, so fostering a positive relationship with food at an early age is key to individual food sovereignty. Many children begin the class without ever having tried certain foods and leave with a new collection of favourite foods. Plus, they have the skills to share these with their families! If you are interested in enrolling your child, please contact our Food Skills Coordinator.

Cooking Club

Once a week we are happy to offer a safe and encouraging environment where community members can create community connections, learn new cooking styles and techniques, and build confidence with cooking and choosing healthy food.

Everyone is welcome!

Our community is low on third places (where people connect with the wider community outside of their home and work circles), especially in the evenings, so having a place to socialize, learn and have fun at no cost is an important part of the community’s social fabric. The Club starts at 17:30 on Wednesdays and no registration is necessary - we just ask that you not come late! For more info, contact us.

Healthy Food Box Program

Want a box of fresh fruit and vegetables every two weeks? You can order them through our online store (or contact us) for pick-up at our facility every other Saturday.
The selection varies each time but generally consists of staple vegetables and a selection of fresh fruit. We prioritize items that are organic, fresh and local, depending on the season.

Comment vous pouvez aider 
Le soutien qui nous est offert par la communauté est vital et a un impact direct sur des centaines d’Iqalummiut chaque jour. Vous pouvez nous aider de diverses façons :